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Sensational European cuisine cooked on site for your event using traditional pans and hot plates. With over 10 years experience PaellaPan are the original Auckland Paella company catering for between 10 to 1500 people.

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We can deliver to your home, workplace or event for small groups of ten people of more.

These Paellas are delivered hot in the Pans they are cooked in at the time required. So when you don't want to pay an expensive bill by taking your guests to a restaurant enjoy a five star meal delivered to you. For a meal to remember all you need to do is place the wine on the table.

Deliveries are very popular service please read some testimonials from some or our recent clients.

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Paella Pan™ are always willing to support a good cause. Are you organising a fundraiser or charitable event? We can help you to deliver a delicious yet cost effective catering solution for your guests.

For small groups of ten or more people we can provide a delivery service which is a great option for events such as silent auctions where the presence and distraction of a caterer is not desirable.

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Birthday Parties

European Style, Authentic Flavors from Spain, food to remember with enjoyment watching and smelling it cook. A perfect idea! Even as a surprise as we only need to be onsite 3hrs before serving time.

For small groups of 10 people or more we can provide a delivery service which is often a popular option

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Xmas Functions

Christmas Parties are a hit for companies who want to take their team outdoors or back to their residence or a Club of some sort. Christmas is a time of celebration and good times so why not share this with good food too? In companies and larger groups we find a broad mix of cultures and ethnic groups. Paella Pan can cater all of these groups and those with allergies will be happy to know all our Paellas are Gluten, Dairy & Nut free as we produce our own Sausages & Chorizo to stay away from processed foods. We are capable to make other products on our menu for Vegetarians & Allergy sufferers.

Our recipes from Spain and France have been kept for generations. We are a small team and make all our products by hand in house to keep our standards and quality at the highest.

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For both the bride and groom the wedding day is special and one to remember. Do you have a favourite dish that is not on our menu? Let us know and our expert chefs can help create this for your wedding day.

Our food is of a very high standard and is often cooked outdoors in a festive manner. Our clients and their guests love to see their dinner being cooked fresh in front of them. This can be a memorable experience that will be remembered and talked about for years to come.

As Paella Pan™ is a small company we can offer a personalised service. On average we would cater for 25-35 wedding per year. Please read some of our recent testimonials.

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When event organizers want to offer quality meals to a large number of people look no further.

We have used this avenue to promote our food and stimulate our private side of the business for years now. Our very large Pan sizes will permit us to keep a large hungry line of people moving. We participate at 12 of the biggest festivals in New Zealand.

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Corporate Events.

We have been successfully cooking for corporate clients for 11 years and are thankful for the continued repeat business we receive.

We have a wide ranging menu that can always be adapted to suit the needs of specific individuals such as those who are vegetarian, celiac or lactose intolerant. Ask us, we can help you to organize the catering for your corporate party or event by providing healthy and tasty food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We have 100’s of testimonials which can be supplied upon request. We look forward to working with you and starting our relationship.

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